Mardi Gras 2017 Parade Schedule & Throws

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Obviously, here at Mardi Gras World, we’re fortunate enough to celebrate Mardi Gras year-round. But Mardi Gras 2017 is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be happier. Take a look at the full Mardi Gras schedule below, packed with tips on each krewe’s throws and a little history, too. Wait, what’s a “krewe” and what are “throws,”
you ask? We’ve got you covered.

Krewe (n.) — a private organization staging parades and other festivities during Mardi Gras. The first krewe was the Mistick Krewe of Comus, formed in 1856.

Throws (n.) — souvenirs tossed off floats to viewers during a parade.
The first recorded throws were in 1870 from the city’s second-ever krewe, the Twelfth Night Revelers.

Today, Mardi Gras consists of distinct parades from more than 60 krewes across the area. Keep reading for the full scoop on the New Orleans parades, including which throws are the most coveted. We’ll see you at the parades!


Friday, January 6 // Uptown

• Phunny Phorty Phellows, 6:30 pm:
— Throw me something, mister! No throws for this speedy krewe, which rides
down St. Charles Avenue in an iconic green streetcar.

Saturday, February 11 // Downtown

• Krewe du Vieux, 6:30 pm
— Throw me something, mister! This satirical krewe is known for throws like bumper stickers emblazoned with naughty messages. Krewedelusion, follows

Friday, February 17 // Uptown

• Krewe of Oshun, 6:00 pm

• Krewe of Cleopatra, 6:30 pm

Saturday, February 18 // Uptown & Marigny

• Krewe of Pontchartrain, 1:00 pm

• Krewe of Choctaw, follows

• Krewe of Freret, follows

• ‘tit Rex, 5:00 pm
— Throw me something, mister! This krewe parades in the Marigny with miniscule floats replicating the larger versions Uptown. If you’re lucky, a krewe member might present you with a tiny, handmade throw full of artistic detail.

• Krewe of Sparta, 6:00 pm

• Krewe of Pygmalion, 6:15 pm

• Krewe of Chewbacchus, 7:00 pm
— Throw me something, mister! Another Marigny parade,
this one features a Star Wars theme.

Sunday, February 19 // Uptown & French Quarter

• Krewe of Femme Fatale, 11:00 am

• Krewe of Carrollton, follows

• Krewe of King Arthur and Merlin, follows

• Krewe of Alla, follows

• Krewe of Barkus, 2 pm
— Throw me something, mister! This parade is for the dogs, literally.People bring their dressed-up pups to parade through the French Quarter.

Wednesday, February 22 // Uptown

• Krewe of Druids, 6:30 pm

• Krewe of Nyx, 7:00 pm
— Throw me something, sister! The ladies of Nyx are known for their hand decorated purses, a favorite throw of the Mardi Gras season.

Thursday, February 23 // Uptown

• Knights of Babylon, 5:30 pm

• Knights of Chaos, 6:15 pm

• Krewe of Muses, 6:30 pm
— Throw me something, sister! This all-female krewe most coveted throws are hand-decorated shoes. They also toss totes, diamond rings, shoe bracelets, and more.

Friday, February 24 // Uptown

• Krewe of Hermes, 6:00 pm
— Throw me something, mister! Pearl bracelets with gold, winged feet pay homage to this krewe’s namesake, the messenger of the
Greek gods.

• Krewe d’Etat, 6:30 pm

• Krewe of Morpheus, 7:00 pm

Saturday, February 25 // Uptown & Mid-City

• Krewe of Iris, 11:00 am

• Krewe of Tucks, 12:00 pm
— Throw me something, mister! This quirky krewe throws hand-decorated toilet bowl brushes (new, of course).

• Krewe of Endymion, 4:15 pm

Sunday, February 26 // Uptown

• Krewe of Okeanos, 11:00 am

• Krewe of Mid-City, 11:45 am

• Krewe of Thoth, 12:00 pm

• Krewe of Bacchus, 5:15 pm
— Throw me something, mister! This krewe began the tradition of a celebrity king.Their throws include lighted chalice beads, a nod to the Roman god of wine.

Monday, February 27 // Uptown

• Krewe of Proteus, 5:15 pm

• Krewe of Orpheus, 6:00 pm
— Throw me something, mister! Harry Connick Jr. is a founding member of this krewe, which throws Smoky Mary beads, Frisbees, wands, and more.

Tuesday, February 28 – MARDI GRAS DAY! // Uptown

• Krewe of Zulu, 8:00 am
— Throw me something, mister! You’ll go nuts for Zulu’s hand-decorated
coconuts, one of the most prized throws of the Mardi Gras season.
(They don’t actually throw these, instead handing them to lucky spectators)

• Krewe of Rex, 10:00 am
— Throw me something, mister! This Krewe is the city’s largest and one of the oldest, too. Keep your eyes out and your hands ready to catch their collectable doubloon coin throws.

• Krewe of Elks Orleans, follows

• Krewe of Crescent City, follows

And that’s a wrap, see you next year!